Tuesday, December 29, 2009


The rain finally arrived and the grass is looking green again. I hope the trees and palms start to look better soon too. Over the last 3 days we have had 7mm, 25mm, and 10mm. This is not heavy rain which can often be 50-75mm in one day but it is certainly enough to start things growing again. It's very welcome indeed!
Over the last few days one of the callistemons has started flowering and it has attracted a number of honeyeaters. This is a Little Friarbird and I think a juvenile.


  1. I bet you're pleased to see some rain at last Mick.
    Enjoyed your visit to Great Sandy Nat Park...as you would say 'such totally different landscape to over here'. FAB

  2. Hi Frank, yes its really good to finally have some rain. Glad you liked the pics of the National Park. I'm sure you can understand why I enjoy seeing landscape photos of the places you write about because its all so different.

  3. What a beautiful bird! And those are some of my Fav flowers :)
    Glad you finally got the much needed rain!
    Wouldn't mind some rain myself, but there's not much hope for that over here :)

  4. Thanks for commenting Nicole. The rain is certainly needed. I found that little bird because of the constant begging calls it was making. No adult within sight so it must have been well able to look after itself.

  5. Hi Mick
    Glad you got some rain.
    I heard of some local flooding in Brisbane today, so the rain has obviously crossed the border.
    I don't want to wish floods on anyone, but decent rain is needed in the Mary Valley, I know.
    Nice baby Little Friarbird.

  6. Hi Denis, we have not had as much rain here as further west and north. I've watched it from my house and also watched it on the BOM. Well - there are farms that need it much more than we do and at least my garden will survive with what we have had. I haven't heard yet how much they got up in the Mary Valley.