Monday, May 27, 2019

Early Winter

...In Queensland it is not really winter at all!! The biggest difference in the season is that the excessive heat has gone. It is very pleasant and I actually have a light blanket on my bed.
While much of the country is still very dry we have been having more than average rain for this time of year. None of it has been very heavy but most days we have had short sharp showers. Most days have stated out bright and beautiful - blue sky and fluffy white clouds.  However, it has not taken long for those clouds to turn very dark and bring showers. Fortunately they often sail off just as fast.
The other day I had an unexpected bird visit the yard. The Pheasant Coucal is a large long-tailed cuckoo. It is a shy bird and this is only the second time I have seen one around here. It can fly but prefers to run across open ground when it has to  The brown color is a non-breeding adult or a juvenile. This bird moved across the lawn so fast I almost missed it and only just managed a rather dark photo as it went to hide under the hedge.

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