Monday, April 22, 2019

Distant Vistas

I had a problem - I had not been able to get out and see or photograph anything new and interesting around here. BUT then I remembered I did have a stack of photos saved up that put a smile on my face whenever I looked at them. They were not my photos but when I checked with my brother he told me to go ahead and use them if I wanted to! So these are not taken anywhere near here and are not my story either - but they are Australian
My brother lives down in Victoria and he loves the water and the sea as much as I do and possibly more! Where I am content with slowly puttering around on a kayak and close in-shore he likes a big fast boat that will take him out on the ocean where there are lots of fish! At present he has a Kevlacat. He (and his son who enjoys the sea and boats just as much) usually put the boat in at Port Welshpool in SE Victoria.

Of course, the very best time to get out on the water is very early. Before the wind starts to blow or the seas start to get up.
Even after that it is still very beautiful. I think what I like the most are the colors of the ocean and the wide open spaces.
I get told lots of lovely "fishie' stories but in those moments no-one thinks to take photos! I was told a week or so ago they were catching some nice eating fish when a VERY BIG fish unexpectedly took a hook and bait and got unhappy. The first they realized there was something wrong the big fish was jumping towards a motor looking as if it would take a big bite out of it with its big mouth full of teeth! At the last moment it snapped the line and took off in another direction."Of course we didn't leave! The other fish were biting too well and we wanted a few more!"
This was a few days ago - They stopped the boat in behind a little island called Rabbit Island where it was a bit more sheltered while they waited for the tide to turn and the fishing to get better again. Fresh fish are good for breakfast especially when cooked immediately - "but I forgot the bread and butter, Sister!!"

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Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Birds - Up Close

In reality - up too close! Plus I am getting slow and the camera was not even close!  I was sitting reading next to my glass doors when I saw movement and looked up to see three White Ibis calmly stalking past right on my back patio. My house has become one of those I used to write about - no children and no pets!! The birds must know!
N.B. Keep the camera closer and ready to go!!

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Monday, April 1, 2019

Worth waiting for!

I moved up here to live here just over 15 years ago,  One of the first things I started to do was plant a garden. I wanted lots of greenery around my house.  Some of the first things I planted were strelitzia - commonly called Bird of Paradise.  The first one I planted was the orange flowered one - strelitzia reginae - but the plant I put in did not do so well so I got another couple of plants and put them in a different part of the garden  I also bought the blue flowered one - strelitzia nicolai. This is a very tall plant and it has done well but I seldom get to enjoy the flowers because some of the honey-eating birds such as the Blue-faced Honeyeaters - love it and tear the flowers apart. It must have lots of nectar! All the strelitzia reginae have kept growing but never a sign of a flower. I admit I am not a great gardener - once a plant is growing I just leave it alone! As I drove down my driveway the other day I noticed a splash of orange. After nearly 15 years there was a flower. I took photos that first day but thought it was not as good as I expected. A couple of days later it had opened up further .  Definitely worth waiting for!!

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