Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Figbird In A Fig Tree

The other day a friend told me she had seen a lot of small birds in a Fig Tree that was covered with small figs at present. The small birds she had photographed were ones I really wanted photos of as well. When I went down the next day about 10am there were no birds at all in the tree! The following day I left it till the afternoon and there were birds all over the tree. Unfortunately they weren't the ones my friend had seen and photographed but any bush birds that sit still long enough for a photo are good birds!
The tree is a native Fig - not the ones that people usually eat! When I looked up "fig tree" in my  books about local native trees I found that there lots of fig trees that grow locally. Without more experience I couldn't ID it although a friend suggested that it might be a Ficus rubiginosa.

I have taken lots of photos of Figbirds (Sphecotheres viridis) but never before one in a Fig Tree.

There were other smaller birds up in the very top of the tree but I couldn't see them properly in among the leaves. The only other bird I saw clearly was this little Red-browed Finch ( Neochmia temporalis) which was using a puddle to take a drink. I used to call this a Red-browed Firetail but my birdbook says it is a finch!

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