Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Bush Birds and Beach Birds

Yesterday I spent a few hours visiting some of the places close by that I always enjoy. I had friends with me from New Zealand who have been here before and really like these places as well. I think it is always more enjoyable with friends who share your enjoyment.
Seary's Creek picnic spot is along the road to Rainbow Beach. There is a short boardwalk down to a creek. The water in the creek is usually tea colored from the vegetation along the banks.

There are always lots of birds in the area - but they don't often cooperate with photo opportunities. I saw - and nearly got photos of - a Lewin's Honeyeater. When I got home and looked at my photos they were either blurred or only part of the bird was visible in the thick trees. This Silver Eye was high in a tree and against the light but the distinctive eye was clearly visible.

Rainbow Beach is always worth an extra look but there was a cold wind blowing and no-one in the water swimming.

We went up on the cliffs overlooking the beach to enjoy our afternoon tea.

The last stop for the afternoon was over at Carlo Creek. This has a boat ramp and wharf where the off-shore fishing charters start from. Of course there are also lots of small private fishing boats as well and the Pelicans know there is sometimes a free feed of fish given away! The tide was going out and these birds were resting on an exposed sand bank. Pelicans look so graceful swimming on the water but they turn into untidy bunches of feathers when they are resting on land.

There were others waiting around a small boat ramp.

This bird came for a closer look at us. The feet under the water move it along quite fast as seen by the wake behind the bird.

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Monday, July 13, 2015

Palms and Cockatoos

I enjoy all the palms in my backyard. When the wind is blowing the sunlight glints off the fronds in constantly changing patterns. The sound of the wind through the palms is also quite different from wind through any other tree or shrub. These are leaves of the Travelers Palm with some fronds of an Alexandra Palm on the front right.

This is another Alexandra Palm

This is a Golden Cane Palm

Palm fronds first come out tightly curled and sticking straight up. This is when the birds like to cling to them. The other morning a small flock of Sulphur crested Cockatoos flew over and settled in the top of the palms at the bottom of the garden. It was very early before the sun was up so the photos are grey instead of blue and white! When "Cockies" fly in a flock somewhere they all screech as loudly as they can. I guess for them it is a way of communicating - for a human it is just pure noise! They sat up on the top fronds and jostled for the best and highest position.

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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Mid-winter feeling like spring

Yesterday was a perfect day - blue sky, bright sunshine, and a temperature of 24 (75F). I went down to the Mullens Picnic area to see what birds were around. At 9:30am the tide was slowly coming in.

I had to go down again three hours later just to take a photo of high tide at the same place.

Friends had told me that there were lots of bush birds around because there were lots of trees and bushes in flower. Where I walked there were lots of the big gum (eucalyptus) trees about to flower (flower buds were orange color) -

- and plenty more in full flower.

The birds were there in hundreds - all calling and shrieking at the tops of their "birdy' voices! Unfortunately, they were up among the blossoms and easier to ID from sound than sight. Way up in the tree tops and against the bright sky they were just black silhouettes. I walked right under the tree and found a good post to rest against while I tipped my head right back to watch. Even then the only ones I could really ID were the Rainbow Lorikeets - it is hard to miss that bright orange front!

While I stood there trying to photograph the birds in the tree tops this little Willie Wagtail came over to investigate me.

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