Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Morning Walk

  I really had nothing to post about this week until I went for an early morning walk this morning. It was beautiful and well worth the effort. Once again - I walked along the Mullens foreshore.

Although the scenery was beautiful the only birds I had seen were one flying past which I could not identify

and a whole tree full of Little Egrets in the distance.

Of course, there was always my Stumpy-tailed Blue Healer - Misty - to try and coax into a photo!

Then just as I was close to the car park this beautiful little bird flew down not far ahead of me. My hand was shaking - I forgot to change the camera settings to compensate for the low light  - and the resulting photos are not as sharp as I could wish! But - an Eastern Yellow Robin is always beautiful!

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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Birds amd Fishermen

The other morning started out with intermittent showers but when it cleared up to a bright sunny day I decided to drive out to the coast and on to Inskip. We stopped at Rainbow Beach to look at the surf. It was really chopped up looking and nasty. There were red flags out to warn against trying to swim. However, three kite surfers were making good use of the windy conditions.

This photo even has a Tern flying close to the kite.

It was the week-end and there were too many people out at Inskip for the birds to try to compete for places on the sand. At first the only ones I saw were out on the island.

Silver Gulls are so common I seldom photograph them but they are beautiful when you get close.

Way out on the end of the peninsular there was someone fishing and close by was a Pelican waiting hopefully for a hand-out. Unfortunately a man came by with 3 dogs walking off lead. He was throwing a ball to keep them interested and finally threw it in the direction of the person fishing and the Pelican decided that was just too close.

The Pelican flew back along the channel towards the open sea. As we later walked that way we saw fishermen and the Pelican again hoping for a free feed. It came much too close for comfort - any fish coming in on the line would have been snatched and then the bird would have been caught as well. The fishermen waved their arms and their rods and reeled in the lines. The Pelican took some time to be convinced there would be no free fish here either.

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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Local Flowers and Birds

When I was young we used to call all flowers that looked like this "bottlebrushes". Their proper name is Callistemon. These ones are local native flowers and grow well in my backyard. In this area of the country most of the native flowers bloom from now (autumn/winter) until early spring.

I heard a bird calling in these trees the other day and when I went and looked I found a Little Friarbird. This is another one of our local birds that has bare skin around its face and eye rather than feathers.

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