Monday, December 21, 2009

Australian Wood Duck

This post is because I have recently been seeing photos of Wood Ducks from the northern part of the world and I just wanted to show what "OUR" Wood Ducks look like.
The male is on the left of the photo and the female on the right.
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  1. ...I like your Wood Ducks...soft brown and beautiful. I like the designs on their chests as well. Lovely captures!

  2. what cool little ducks..thanks for the post. Now I know what they look like, nice photo of the two of them.

  3. Great shot of the Australian Wood Duck. I would have to say the Wood ducks I see here are more colorful and pretty.

  4. Wow, different than ours but just as beautiful are your Wood Ducks Mick! I can see that hint of green in the wing, I bet that really shines when the bird is in flight.

    It is so nice to be able to see the species form down under. Thanks for sharing your adventures with us!

  5. Thanks to all for your comments. As you can see these birds are very different from yours (with the same name!) in the northern hemisphere. One reason why I find the shorebirds so interesting is that they spend half the year up that side of the world and half down here - and many times we both see the same birds.

  6. Thanks for allowing me to compare the differences.
    BTW I enjoyed your trip to Carlo Island....another bird filled habitat.
    Presume you'll be sitting outside for Christmas? Have a good one. Cheers, Frank

  7. Wow, they are so different from the "northern" Wood Ducks. Maybe not as colorful, but beautiful nonetheless.

  8. Hi Frank, Happy Holidays to you too and hope it doesn't get too cold and snowy up there for anyone to enjoy. We've watched TV footage of the recent cold in Europe - not good to be that cold. Most Aussies will spend at least part of the day enjoying the outdoors.
    Hi Bob and Cynthia - yes they're certainly very different birds.

  9. Such a beautiful and elegant duck. I really enjoyed it,

    Wishing you a merry chrismas. :)

  10. Hi Mick
    I love the ultra-fine markings of the feathers on the chest of the male. Really beautiful.
    Plus the chestnut head.
    Great birds, with attitude, which one cannot capture fully in a single image.
    Its good to educate our northern hemisphere colleagues, too.

  11. Thanks for your comments and wishes NF
    Hi Denis, I agree the markings on the male are extra special. There have been up to 13 of these ducks walking around the road just behind my house. I wonder if someone has been feeding them?

  12. Merry Christmas, Mick,
    and all the best for 2010!

  13. I saw one of these when I was in Brisbane, and kept checking the ID because it's so different in appearance from the North American wood ducks. I finally convinced myself but still find your photo reassuring.

  14. Hi Wren, Yes, very different birds and we still use the same names. Confusing to say the least!

  15. These are cool looking ducks. I've never seen any like them.
    I don't think we have them in Europe :)