Saturday, May 9, 2009

Bush, Sea and Sky

The car park at Inskip Point was almost empty yesterday.
Immediately behind where this photo was taken, the sealed road becomes a sand track out to the end of the Point. A number of walking tracks lead off into the bush beside the road. Each track is set back behind wooden posts so that vehicles can't use these other tracks. The bush is quite dense and is a mixture of quite high trees and lower growing shrubs.
Yesterday the wattles (acacia) were only just coming in to bloom but the banskias were in full flower.
I heard Rainbow Lorikeet, Noisy Friarbirds, Brush Wattlebirds and Blue-faced Honeyeaters up in the tops of the trees. They were making so much noise that it was hard to hear any of the smaller birds. Even down at the level of the track the brush is so thick that it is hard to get clear views of any birds. This Brush Wattlebird showed itself clearly for a few seconds.
This Blue-faced Honeyeater remained partly hidden.
At the end of the Point the tides have been cutting into the banks and a number of trees have recently fallen.
Fishing at the end of the Point.
Silver Gulls are always somewhere around when there are people fishing.

The channel between Fraser Island and Inskip Point. I am told that the channel is quite deep but the deepest part is quite narrow and constantly changing. Even experienced boat skippers watch their depth sounders carefully.


  1. Thoroughly enjoyed joining you on your outing. Such descriptive names for birds you have there.
    I wonder what sort of fish can be caught.
    Lovely photo of the Silver Gull.
    Near me the River Humber has shifting sand banks. Large ships have to wait for high tide and a pilot before they can enter the deep water channel.

  2. Thanks John. I am not a 'fisher-person' so really don't know what is caught right there although I have seen some nice sized ones being caught. My brother from down south has taken a charter which starts in the bay and then goes through this channel and offshore and come back with great fish. This is the web site of the charter people

  3. Thanks for taking me out to the Point & showing even more new birds. Always amazing to see evidence of the effect of the tides constantly erroding the shoreline.
    Have a good week Mick.

  4. Thanks Frank. Its an even more beautiful place than the photos show and I always see different birds out there.