Friday, May 15, 2009

Seary's Creek

I went for a short walk out at the Seary's Creek picnic area the other day. Seary's Creek crosses the road to Rainbow Beach and then flows down at least another 5 or 6 kilometers before it reaches the salt water of the bay. There is a short board walk from the parking place down to the creek.
The walk beside the creek is quite close to the road and its easy to hear vehicles going by. However, the bush is so thick that it feels very secluded. Add to that the sound of running water and birds in the trees and bushes and its a beautiful place to relax for a while. The birds were out of sight the other day. It's only when the bushes close to the walk are flowering that they are easy to see.
It's always still down by the creek and the water reflects all the vegetation.
It's not a big creek although there are several pools which are more than waist deep and very cold. There is quite a large volume of water coming down all the time. The source of the water is a spring further up in the Great Sandy National Park.
The water in the creek is very clear and you can see the exposed roots of bushes and trees beside it.
The color of the water is fascinating. It is usually described as "tea colored" and is caused by the vegetation that it flows through. However, with the sun on the water the color varies from pale orange to deep red - Beautiful!


  1. The colour of the creek water is utterly amazing Mick. What a lovely walk which I enjoyed very much. It sounds a real "get away" place :)

  2. Thanks Tricia, I find it fascinating that different times of the day will give me different colors in the photos from exactly the same place.

  3. Mick, now I can see the inspiration. Water, colour, reflections etc. Nice place to walk, birding & photography.
    Have a good weekend friend. FAB

  4. Thanks Frank. Its very early Sat. morning here and the weather report is a cold start with frost in some parts but a warm day! I don't enjoy the frost part!!

  5. My local forecast for tomorrow (Sat) is cloudy & showers. I think I'd rather be with you, despite the early frost. Enjoy.

  6. Hi again Frank. A top temp of 25 degrees (C) in the middle of the day is pretty nice.