Sunday, January 25, 2009


I went out to Inksip Point this afternoon to look at the birds – but instead saw many happy holiday-makers! The barges were busy taking 4 wheel drive vehicles to Fraser Island and back.
The camp sites were well filled although not packed tightly the way they are over Christmas. People were fishing and swimming and the shorebirds flew around avoiding vehicles, people and dogs.
Rainbow Beach looked as beautiful as ever – and even more people were there enjoying it all. Looking south to Double Island Point I could see cars lined along the beach down there.
Even the air space was busy with a number of kites lifting off from the cliffs and soaring out over the ocean.


  1. Oh that looks blissful Mick - grey skies and rain here again today.

    So I shall keeping popping in to your post to top up my tan, increase my happiness level and enjoy some sun and blue skies.

  2. Nice to have you visit the blog, Tricia. We like real visitors/tourists out here too!

  3. Mick - I just wish I could visit "for real". In fact, I think I've got it the wrong way round - a long-standing Australian friend of mine is coming over here to visit us next month and we haven't seen him for decades.

    Perhaps I'll stow away in his luggage when he goes back :D

  4. Sounds good Tricia, but you might have to pay for his over-weight luggage!

  5. Hi Mick
    Great shots, as usual. But I prefer beaches empty of vehicles, with more birds.

  6. Hi Denis, I'm glad we don't have crowds of people here all the time!