Thursday, October 24, 2019

Everything has an end

I hate unfinished business.  When I was a little girl, I learned piano for many years, got within a year or two of getting my piano letters, and when I was in my mid 50s I found a teacher who was happy to take mature aged students.  I went back and started again, and ended up with my letters from Trinity College London.

My health has deteriorated recently in a number of areas.  The end result is that I can no longer manage in my house, so I'm about to go to a care facility.  I'm happy with the place I'm going to, it has beautiful grounds, and the birds are encouraged to visit.

I have enjoyed reading so many of your blogs, commenting on some, and have appreciated your comments on mine.  I'm not sure of the future, so this is my chance to end this blog on my terms.

I'd love to stay here, and go out on the kayak on the bay.  But it's not possible.  Life moves on.


  1. My very best wishes to you, mick. Bronwen (Snailseyeview) xxx

  2. Very best wishes for the future. Thank you for all your interesting blog entries. I will miss reading about life 'down under'.

  3. Best wishes from me to you, I totally understand.

  4. Al the best and thank you as always for your contributions to the shorebirds and the beautiful photography you always so kindly shared :)

  5. As usual, I am horribly late.

    Mick, it has been a joy to see your posts. You have enriched our days. Thank you.

    You are in our prayers.