Friday, March 6, 2009

Bird Watching!

I always enjoy watching birds and yesterday it was even more interesting. I was watching this little bird but I am sure it was also watching me. It flew into some bushes beside me and I stood still and hoped for a chance to photograph it without the leaves and branches in front of it. Then it flew a little distance and this time had a larger branch just beside it - and finally flew again to where it was almost directly facing me. All the time it was moving its head around as though getting a view of me from different angles. It was a new bird for me - I am still struggling with all these little bush birds! It was so close that I was sure it would be easy to get an ID from the photos, but when I looked in my bird book there was nothing that looked exactly like it. I consulted some much more knowledgeable friends and they got out ALL their bird books before coming up with an ID of a juvenile [correction - it should be 'immature'] female Grey Shrike-thrush. So now I need to see adults before I can be sure that I will recognize this species again. I am including the first photo behind the leaves and twigs - a different 'pose' from the others.
By the way - this was out at Inskip Point again and I will include a photo taken from the edge of the bush and looking across the channel to Fraser Island. This place is beautiful!


  1. Hi Mick: I'd say probably female immature (not juvenile) Grey Shrike-Thrush. Bit puzzled by description as little (because GSTs much bigger than, say, Rufous Whistlers).

  2. Oops! I'm sure I should have said 'immature' - thanks for correcting me, Tony. re the size - I am having trouble making size comparisons - guess I'll learn in time, but right now its just FRUSTRATING!

  3. Beautiful place indeed Mick, nice picture.

  4. Hi Mick
    GSTs have relatively large, prominent eyes. You have also caught the brownish "saddle" nicely - which is distinctive, or should I say "diagnostic".
    However, their voice is their most distinctive feature. Down here, they love to call on grey, dull days, or if it is trying to rain.

  5. Hi Denis, thanks for your comments. I have all these things to learn and asap! btw it was a bright sunny day and the bird sat and made little soft calls as it watched me.

  6. Hi Mick!
    The third photo is absolutely awesome! I bet I can see your reflection in the GS-Thrush's eye. Beautiful detail and they are such great birds :)

  7. G'day Mick,
    Nice story of a beaut bird. The call of the Thrush is one of the nicest I reckon.
    Glad you're getting into the bush birds and you're right, that place does look BEAUTIFUL.

  8. Thanks Gouldiae. Wish I could be out there this morning to get some photos and look around! (But maybe not - it would be scary) It would definitely be spectacular - 'Hamish' is sitting just off Fraser island now!