Friday, February 6, 2009

Inskip Point in the Evening.

Late yesterday afternoon I joined a group at Inskip to observe and count shorebirds and later terns. Even without any birds to watch, sitting on the sandbank and watching the sun and the water is enjoyable. I'll post about the birds tomorrow after I have a chance to sort through the photos - but for now these are just to remind everyone how beautiful early evening is at the sea-side. A White-breasted Sea-eagle flew over several times - this picture shows the white feathers catching the colors of the setting sun.
The blue slowly darkened in the sky and the sunset colors brightened.


  1. That sea eagle in the sun is particularly nice.

    Hope it's not too hot around your neck of the woods.

  2. Number three is my favourite Mick, tells a story.

  3. Hi Snail, so far we haven't got any extreme weather this year. Hope it stays that way.

    Hi Duncan, I must go through the rest of the photos asap so you can see the rest of the story!

  4. Mick that looks so lovely and warm! And a sea eagle!

    *heads off to book a flight*

  5. Thanks Tony, can't beat those sunset colors.

  6. Thanks Tricia, I'm sure it all looks different from what you are experiencing right now. Don't let me discourage you - but even the nights are warm - had to have fans going all night last night!

  7. G'day Mick,

  8. Love the lighting in these photos.. just stunning , thanks for sharing