Thursday, December 1, 2011

Good News Story

This is definitely a good new story for the shorebirds in our area! QPWS (Queensland Parks and Wildlife Services) has been installing shorebird signs all down the Sandy Strait and the other day I was lucky enough to go out with two of their people to make some decisions about where the signage will be put around the Crab Creek shorebird roost. Signage is the first step in protecting the shorebirds in our area. People need to know where the shorebird roosts are before they will be careful of what they do in these areas.
I am delighted that signs are being put up around the Crab Creek roost as it is directly opposite a very busy boat launch area. At present there is nothing to show that the birds use this area and I am sure that the roost is often disturbed because people have no knowledge that it is there.
Moyra and Wayne came with a small boat that took us over to the other side of the creek. We had a good look around for suitable sites for the signs - although we did have to wade through shallow water and mud because the tide had dropped quicker than we expected. Then we had to very carefully navigate down the creek before all the water had drained out and left only a few 'puddles'!
Just enough water to get back! Wayne and Moyra in the boat.
This is the sign that has already been placed at the Mullens Creek area where boats are launched.
Congratulations to QPWS for the care they take of our very special environment in this area.


  1. a very good first step in keeping the birds safer! i think lots of lake folks are just ignorant to nesting activity, so i hope these signs will help your area!

  2. Love that they are doing this to keep them safe!

  3. This is great! I don't even know of this area. Where exactly is it and do you need a boat (or similar) to bird watch there??

  4. I hope most, if not all, take notice of the signs and let the wildlife have some peace to get on with their lives.

  5. Great to hear that work is being done to mark those important areas. Lets hope that people take notice.