Sunday, December 4, 2011

Early Morning.

This post is for Bird Photography Weekly

It was a beautiful morning with a bank of clouds in the east which eventually covered the sun and muted all the colors.
The only bird I saw along the shoreline was an Eastern Curlew which was standing by itself out on a little rocky island. This is the only shorebird I know that doesn't seem to mind roosting by itself as long as it is not disturbed. If disturbed it then flies off and joins the rest of the Eastern Curlews and other shorebirds at the usual roost sites. This one disturbed before I got anywhere near and then flew off with its usual harsh squawk.


  1. but he gave you a great couple of shots first. showing off that fabulous profile. :)

  2. never thought of that, but you are right. I have seen it by iself too. I love that long bill it has. :)

  3. I love these birds and look forward to our first spotting for this year, now that we're back in Florida. You are so right about the noise they make.

  4. He was not please with you! But at least you got a nice shot before he departed!

  5. Beautiful shots! I love these guys :)
    You see them 'often' single around here. But maybe those were youngsters.