Monday, June 27, 2011

Hole in the Beach!

The local TV news media last night had a story about a "sink hole" that had claimed part of the Inskip peninsular area. This I had to see!
Well it is spectacular but not as extensive as some of the stories were suggesting.
I parked in the parking area at the end and took the track directly opposite towards the channel and Fraser Island. This is where the wash-out has occurred. Previously there was quite a stretch of sand here. Now all the sand has gone and some of the shrubs and small trees have fallen in. This is what it looks like. (There was very little blue sky around.) All images enlarge when clicked on.
I then walked out to the end of the peninsular. There were four barges working. It is the beginning of school holidays.
This is what it looks like as I walked east back towards the area that has washed out.


  1. Well its one way to get Inskip POint onto national Media.
    Your photos are good.
    I look forward to hearing what's caused it.
    My mind suspects subsidence of an old mine in the area.

  2. Hi Denis, I have no idea what has caused this but I do know that the channel between the mainland and Fraser Island is narrow and very deep. There is a huge amount of water that goes in and out there every tide. The Sandy Strait opens to the sea only at this point and at the other end at Harvey Bay where the Mary River also flows out. Last year I saw similar sand banks cut out on Fraser island so that it was impossible to travel along the beach at higher tides at the southern end where the barges stop - you had to take the road through the inland.

  3. Seems sand does where water pushes it. Sometimes slowly, sometimes spectacularly quickly.

  4. Hi Tony, Right! I was told that the news helicopters were out there today photographing.

  5. This is a little scary. ..

    I enjoyed catching up on several of your beautiful posts. We've been traveling and it is hard to find enough time to read. Just now settled in for a while and it is nice to have some time again.

  6. Hi Sallie, I would think there would have been warning that this hole was about to happen. The main problem is for vehicles that drive on the beach - and there is a road they can use instead.

  7. Read of this in the Courier. Good to hear a personal comment on the event. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Hi Hobos... the news media really made the most of this! Also there have been huge numbers of people just looking.

  9. Beautiful views! The second shot is my favourite, amazing light.