Friday, November 12, 2010


The other morning I kayaked up Mullens Creek a little way. The water was very still and the reflections were beautiful.
As I came around a bend in the creek a number of shorebirds flew up from the side of the creek. They don't usually use this spot as a roost and I had unfortunately disturbed them. Most of them appeared to be Whimbrels and they flew off across the creek to another roost site where they usually roost in the mangroves. I heard the splash of a fish jumping as I was photographing the birds flying off and when I looked at the photos at home I had managed to catch the fish jumping.
There were a few mangroves flowering. It was a species I could not recognize so I took photos and have had friends, who have been volunteering in the mangrove watch program, to ID the plant for me. They say it is a Yellow Mangrove (Ceriops Australus). (I have just had a comment from a reader to say that this is the River Mangrove Aegiceras corniculatum. IMO mangroves are NOT easy to ID!) (The close-ups of the flowers could be a lot clearer but the tide was running in and I have not worked out a way to keep the kayak still in the one place and take photos at the same time!)


  1. Hi Mick,
    The mangrove you've got there is the River Mangrove. Aegiceras corniculatum. These flowers make great mangrove honey.

  2. Hi Mangrove, thanks very much for the info on the name. Very interesting as well about the honey. What is the honey like - light or dark?

  3. Lovely serene scenery in the first photo. Sounds like your kayak needs an anchor sometimes ;)

  4. Hi John, I've thought of the anchor a few times but don't quite know where I would carry it. As it is I have bits and pieces tied on or strapped on around me.