Tuesday, December 8, 2009


The Mullens Creek bird roost site was vandalized sometime between late Saturday and early Sunday. The sign and the bollards at the entrance to the site were taken out and a vehicle was driven in onto the saltmarsh. The driver then proceeded to do a series of "wheelies" or maybe "donuts" - whichever term you prefer - and tore up the saltmarsh vegetation and left big tracks down into the sand. It appears from the depth of the tracks that the vehicle at one point became stuck. The bollards were then taken out there and possibly used to get the vehicle out. (All photos can be clicked on and enlarged.)
We know that whatever bollards we use to block access to the site it is relatively easy for people and possibly vehicles to take them out. However, we had hoped to make it obvious how important this site is to migratory waders. We then hoped that 4 wheel drivers would go elsewhere for their fun. Apparently a vain hope.
Neil and Kel from Out and About in Cooloola counted this site on Friday and found 2833 birds. They also took photos showing the tide fully covering the site - including this area that has been torn up.
We are left asking "WHY?"


  1. Why?... I don't think you'll find a satisfying answer. These people are just idiots. Nothing more, nothing less.

    Do you know whether people be charged for this sort of thing in Queensland?

  2. Hi Mosura, the problem is catching them first! All the bays around here are part of a Ramsar listed wetland - and such wetlands are supposed to be properly protected.

  3. There is no easy answer. Sad, isn't it? Perhaps revised Neighbourhood Watches linked to what is becoming ever cheaper surveillance technology may come into use?

  4. How people can do thing like that, they just out for the fun of tearing things up. You have done well at least trying your best to protect it.

  5. Thanks for commenting Tony, and Grace and Bradley. Definitely no easy answers and all we can do is start again.

  6. This leaves me in tears, Mick :(

    Why humans do certain things is way beyond me....

    Wishing you guys strength to rebuilt :(!

  7. Hi Mick. I'm devasted too...they must have their brains in their ****! A very large immovable object placed across the access might be the only answer or a gun!

  8. Thanks for your kind thoughts Nicole and Frank. Lots of patience required and try to explain why THIS particular site is worth protecting.

  9. Hi Mick. very sad - some people just have no respect for anything.

  10. I'm afraid, explaining won't cut it.
    Over here, tourists are getting carted in bus loads for snorkeling in a nature preserve.
    They are being told to not even touch the corals.
    Yet you have people breaking pieces of it :(
    Many humans are plain stupid :(

  11. That's too bad about the problems with tourists helping themselves to bits of coral. It won't last too long at that rate.

  12. Nope.
    I saw trash piled up in one nature park and last week they found an illegal huge dump in another.
    Humans suck sometimes :(

  13. Hi Mick.
    I am really doubtful about the Queensland Government's commitment to conservation.
    4WD lobby is very powerful.
    Fishermen zooming the full length of Fraser Island's beaches are just as bad, but you cannot explain that to them.
    Best wishes with re-building the barriers. I assume there are signs explaining why the barriers are there.

  14. Thanks again for your comment Nicole.

    Hi Denis, part of the problem is that its hard to convince people that what they have done for many years is no longer a good thing when there are so many more people and vehicles. Plus the 'tourist dollar' is a very strong motivation :-( Yes we had a sign on the bollards and a larger interpretive sign back at the picnic area. This was all put in less than a year ago!

  15. ugh, that's just awful. and SO frustrating. i get really worked up when people do cruel stuff like that. I don't handle it very well. Some fool ran over one of my sea turtle nests one time on an ATV (thankfully, it still hatched) and well, I did not handle this quietly! unfortunately, i've seen it a handful of times, working on the Outer Banks and Padre Island NS...so depressing. I'm so sorry! I hope whomever did this gets found out and punished..and, let's really hope they get their head on straight.

  16. Thanks JN. Its a hard one to deal with when so many people in the area have 4wheel drive vehicles and use them responsibly - the ones that don't are difficult to find.