Saturday, December 12, 2009

What Could Be Nicer ...

...than an early morning walk along the bay? Although it was overcast it still didn't look like rain, unfortunately. The light on the water was beautiful.
The shorebirds were across the far side of the roost. It was still quite a way off high tide so they were still flying in as I was walking back. When there is a lot of sand exposed as there was this morning the larger birds (mainly Godwits and Eastern Curlews) tend to roost by themselves and the smaller ones (Red-necked Stint, and Lesser and Greater Sand-Plovers) by themselves.
The only ones I saw on my side of the water were Red-capped Plovers and Red-necked Stint. These Red-necked Stint let me get quite close before they moved at all. The photos show the bubbles that come up out of the sand whenever the tide comes in. I think these bubbles are caused by the things which grow under and on the sand.


  1. Looks like a beautiful morning.

    The bubbles are intriguing.
    I wonder if air trapped in the sand from hundreds of probing bird bills comes to the surface as the water sinks into the sand and then causes bubbles under the thin layer of organic material on the waters surface. Just an idea - it's either that or worm flatulence ;-)

  2. Hi Mosura, it is intriguing and there's so much I don't understand about this area.

  3. Hi Mick
    The birds were making it hard for you - staying across the water mostly.
    Bubbles are intriguing. I would have assumed holes made by creatures (worms? or tiny crustaceans). But I don't know.

  4. Hi Denis, with a site of this size the only sure way of getting close to the birds is in a kayak. Even a good spotting scope can not get all the birds. Interesting idea about the holes releasing air which becomes bubbles. Its always an intriguing feature as the tide comes in.

  5. You do have some beautiful scenery around you - that is when the IQ zeros don't tear it all up. Why are there so many self centred brain dead people in the world these days?

  6. Thanks John. I think our society unfortunately gives too many an easy ride through life - too much free time and too few ideas on how to use it!

  7. The bubbles are cool. I don't always enlarge photos, so I'm glad you mentioned them in the text. I've not seen that effect from tides I've observed, but I'm going to start looking for it.

  8. Thanks for commenting Nicole and Wren. re the bubbles - I see them most in the areas of saltmarsh - rarely elsewhere.