Friday, August 21, 2009

What a Beautiful Morning!

A morning like this one is worth celebrating for itself, - but the real cause for celebration is that I went out in my kayak for the first time in 5 months! I just hope there are lots more days like this from now on.
I went over to the shorebird roost on Crab Creek. This roost is in behind the mangroves that fringe the creek and has an interesting mix of sandbanks, mangroves and saltmarsh plants. Whichever way you look the light on the water is different.
There was no wind to start with but within a couple of hours it was up and blowing quite strongly. I need to develop some strength in my arms and shoulders again :-(
I counted 34 Eastern Curlews on the flats over there. During winter there are seldom more than half a dozen over there so I think that these are possibly some of the first migrants to return for the summer. There were two Pied Oystercatchers with them.
There were also a few Bar-tailed Godwits (in numbers usual for over winter) and a lone Common Greenshank that made itself visible when it started calling loudly and then moved. As usual there were numbers of little Red-capped Plover. These are very difficult to see as they are small enough to simply disappear amongst the saltmarsh plants if they stay still. Only when they move do you see how many are scattered across the flats.


  1. Hi Mick
    You must have enjoyed the Kayaking again.
    Good for you.
    Love the Red-capped Dotterel (Plover).

  2. Thanks Denis. The kayaking was great! The little R-c Plovers let you get much closer than the bigger birds.

  3. I bet you felt good to get out paddling at long last. Thanks for sharing the views over the water.
    Have a good weekend. FAB

  4. Thanks Frank, it felt great to be out and about again. Now I am thinking that I want to see some of the other roosts that are a bit further away.

  5. G'day Mick,
    That looks a nice spot. Great birding too. Is it only accessible by boat, (kayak)?

  6. Hi Gouldiae, the roost at Crab Creek is on the south side - just opposite the houses but cut off because of the creek. So when the birds are roosting there it is inaccessible. However, there must be some sort of track the long way round through the bush as there are a few tracks made by vehicles. Just wish they would stay off the saltmarsh areas!

  7. Cool place to go kayaking. I wonder how you hold your camera so as not to get wet. i've yet to try this modus operandi, if only I have a kayak!

  8. Hi Madahmas, the kayak I use is a "sit-on-top" variety and much more stable than the ones where you sit inside. I use a pelican case for the camera (A totally sealed case) and it only comes out when I can sit still and am ready to photograph.