Sunday, August 9, 2009

Fire and Flowers

Over the last few weeks there have been a number of fires burning around us. This is part of the normal burning off at this time of the year. There are very large pine plantations to the west and National Park to the east and south. The bay (Great Sandy Strait) stretches off to the north. Without a 4 wheel drive vehicle I am not able to explore far inside the park but the areas I can see close to the road regenerate within a couple of years. The houses on the opposite side of the street where I live back directly onto National Park land so it is reassuring to know that not too much undergrowth is allowed to accumulate. This plume of smoke from one of the fires looked quite spectacular from out at Inksip Point the other afternoon.
When I came home the smoke was to the west of me and the sunset was red and smokey.
Yesterday while walking along the side of the bay this gum tree was in blossom. I have not noticed others with this pink and white color - usually just white. There were a number of different birds on the flowers but the only one to stay for a photo was this Noisy Friarbird.


  1. Mornin' Mick,
    Thank goodness that is just friendly fire.
    Nice shot of the Friarbird.

  2. Thanks Gouldiae. "Friendly fire"?? I hope so! I always hope that the birds and small animals have a chance to escape first - but who knows?

  3. Fires scare me, even though they are often natural.
    That sunset is spectacular! :D
    And Friar bird? Not sure we have them here :)

  4. Hi Nicole, yes they can be frightening but better controlled than uncontrolled!

  5. Most of the burning we used to get was stubble after harvest time but that is now banned. Everything would get covered in ash blown by the wind.

    Beautiful capture of the Friar Bird and the sunset is gorgeous.

  6. Hi John, my car was in an enclosed shed and it was covered with ash too!