Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Juvenile Blue-faced Honeyeater

Yesterday I heard noises that sounded like a juvenile Blue-faced Honeyeater and when I went out to check the grevillea bush I found this little fellow. It looked as if it was not quite sure what to make of its new environment.


  1. That bush is definitely producing some excellent sightings for you.
    Certainly looks a little apprehensive!
    Have a good week. FAB

  2. Thanks Frank. Its worth planting grevillia just for the birds I think.

  3. Nice. Goood match, face and flower!

  4. You see the most amazing birds.
    Lovely shots too!

    I just checked, it seems we have honey eaters in Europe, but not this kind.
    Sigh ;)

  5. Terrific close shots of the youngster. Most young birds look so bewildered as they explore the big bad world around them don't they?

  6. Hi Nicole, thanks for commenting. There's such a huge diversity of birds, isn't there.

    Hi John, Yes, this one sure looked bewildered. The adults around it were making most aggressive noises so it should have been very safe.

  7. Yepp :)
    And it seems there are even more names for them :D
    They drive me nuts when I try to find the correct ones :)

  8. G'day Mick,
    I think you got the attitude right -"What am I doing here"? Nice one.

  9. Hi Gouldiae, it is certainly not the same 'look' I get from the adults!