Sunday, October 2, 2011

Bullock Point

Bullock Point is south from Inskip Point across Pelican Bay. There is a boat ramp here where private boats can be safely launched and also sheltered anchorage where the barges to Fraser Island are tied up at night. There are extensive sand banks across the deep water channel and the other morning there were more than 2,000 shorebirds roosting and feeding there at high tide. This photo was taken early the other morning from the Point looking north-west.
For the birdwatcher, there are several different habitats which come together right at the point so there are always different birds to be found here. Mangroves line the bay, there are a number of dead and open trees right on the point, the grass at the edge of the parking area is usually quite tall, and coastal forest is on the eastern side of the point.
This White-breasted Woodswallow was perched on one of the dead trees.
A pair of Red-backed Wrens played hide and seek in the tall grass. The little female didn't mind coming out and having her photo taken.
However, the male was much less helpful and even though I stayed around for a while the best I could manage was this photo with several grass stems in front of the bird.

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  1. wow! all 3 of the birds are just spectacular! definitely nothing like we see here! :)

  2. They are all cute, but the black one steals the show!

  3. Great bird photos, they're very pretty. I've never had much luck with bird shots.

  4. strange how the male birds are more colorful then the females, but this time I think the female are nicer. :)

  5. It was quite a surprise when I saw how colourful the male wren is.

  6. Although you might find the grass stems annoying Mick, it does show the RB Fairy wren in typical habitat. Lovely photos.

  7. Hi Mick
    Following up your comments on Tyto Tony's blog, your land bird photos have indeed come ahead in leaps and bounds, as per this Post.
    Somehow it is more obvious in the closer shots than in the distant images.

  8. Thanks to all for your comments.
    I did consider cloning out the grass stem over the bird but ended up without enough patience!
    Thanks Denis for you comment and your discerning eye! I have a lot to learn about my new camera and still don't feel comfortable with getting good detail and color in distance and wide angle shots. Oh well, lots of practice needed!

  9. The last photo is terrific:)