Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Boats and Birds.

This post is for NatureFootstep Waters

I went out to Inskip Point soon after sun-rise this morning. I hoped that I would see shorebirds roosting on the Point - IF - I got out there before too many people started walking around. I was lucky - there were several thousand birds roosting on the sand. This is one end of the flock that was furthest out on the Point. (More about them tomorrow when I have had a chance of going through all the photos I took.)
I got out there even before the barge for Fraser Island had arrived. However, it is never too early for a fisherman to start trying for a big catch!
The barge came across from Bullock Point soon after but it went straight over to Fraser Island where there were vehicles waiting to come back.
There were several small fishing boats speeding across the water. This one went very close to the sand island and disturbed all the birds from out there.
This one came past the Point a little later and the birds did not disturb at all.


  1. must be neat to see so many at once!

  2. Great to see the early morning light.
    Lots of waders, I see.

  3. hm, the birds did not get disturbed by the boat? Strange!

    I would never go that far out ad the man fishing, even if I had a wet suit on. I would probably fall in. :)

  4. Wow so many lovely photos!
    I like the fisherman best today!
    It must have been a beautiful morning for him and for you too!

  5. Beautiful pastel shots -- I just love everything about this post (except maybe the power boat disturbing the birds, but it did make for some good photos and I guess they are used to it and will settle down again soon,.)

  6. Looks like a wonderful life - fishing and bird watching.

  7. Lovely shots. I wonder if he caught anything?