Sunday, September 4, 2011

Scarlet Honeyeater

This post is for the Bird Photography Weekly.

The other day my friend Janet phoned to say she had Scarlet Honeyeaters (Myzomela sanguinolenta) feeding in her Callistemon bush and would I like to come and get some photos of them. I have never had these birds in my yard, but my friend's yard backs on to some undeveloped land which at present has a thick growth of tall grass and shrubs and trees. The smaller birds can find lots of hiding places in there and can then fly into the yards that back onto this area.
I have taken lots of photos of Scarlet Honeyeaters before - and have even posted a few on this blog - but my previous photos have shown a beautiful scarlet color gainst the blue sky but no detail of the birds. This time I was really up close!
These birds are tiny - 10-11cms or about 4 inches. They were flying in and out of the bush and climbing all over the flowers to feed. Often they were completely hidden by the leaves and flowers but then it was just a matter of waiting until they chose another flower where I could see them properly.
Special thanks to Janet for phoning to tell me about these birds!


  1. Nice one Mick. We get excited down here when there is a reported sighting of this spectacular honeyeater. Often it is just an individual or two that stick around for a short while then move on. You sure got some good captures.

  2. Thanks Gouldiae. They are often seen around here but I have been waiting a long time to find them down this low and close.

  3. Thanks TexWisGirl. You can't miss them with that color!

  4. What a beautiful and colorful bird! awesome post and photos Mick!

  5. A super bird and how nice to get a phone call and a chance for photographs. With those colours I imagine they would melt into the background of that similarly coloured flower head. Rainbow Beach - oh bot what a name and such a gorgeous view. I hope it's always as quiet for you.

  6. What a gorgeous little bird. Sounds like they are really fun to watch. Thanks for sharing these great pictures. :)

  7. a very beautiful bird. Glad you shared it. :)