Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Rainbow Beach

This post is for Our World Tuesday.

I always enjoy looking at the stretch of beach north and south of Rainbow Beach. There are some rocks close to the town of Rainbow Beach which get exposed every now and again, but other than this it is a long stretch of open sand in the north from Inskip Point to Double Island Point in the south.
Photos enlarge when clicked on.
Looking south towards Rainbow Beach and the colored sand cliffs.
Looking north from the surf beach at Rainbow Beach towards Fraser Island in the distance.


  1. Gorgeous beaches, beautiful skies and terrific captures! What a beautiful world you have! Thanks for sharing it with us! Have a great week!


  2. A beautiful stretch of beach! Aussie beaches are the prettiest in the world.

  3. What a beautiful beach and the water is gorgeous. Fabulous photos. Thansk for sharing this lovely beach.

  4. That glorious beach was where I saw my first and only kingfisher swooping down to eat little crabs. Ah memories . . . thanks for the ride.

  5. Such a pretty beach - and deserted too! Just how I like it...

  6. Hi there - now thats a shocking place to have to go walking!

    How do you cope!


    Stewart M - Melbourne

  7. I love a nice long quiet beach. The word quiet is operative -- and that's why we enjoy the Oregon coast and beaches more than we do the ones in Florida.