Monday, September 19, 2011

Eastern Curlews

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I still hadn't seen any large flocks of Godwits by the end of last week but there were good numbers of some of the other migratory shorebirds. These Eastern Curlews were out on the end of the point at Inskip Point. I counted 70 birds.
When I first saw them they were resting and sleeping.
Is that a yawn or a squark?
Inskip Point is where vehicles get on the barges to go over to Fraser Island. As well it is a favorite place for fishermen to launch their boats. It was not long before the birds were disturbed and flew off. There had been people walking about on the sand island when I first arrived but as they had left by now the birds decided that was a better place to rest.


  1. I can´t help but think this is amazing bills. How can they cope with it? :)

  2. Hi NatureFootstep, that long bill lets the birds probe more deeply than any other birds after creatures in the sand that they eat. It is rather funny to watch Curlews using those long bills to preen.

  3. I love the yawn! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Curlews must be a contender for top beak in the bird world. Great photos.

  5. Good to see you back in the Kayak and photographing your favourite waders.

  6. Thanks for commenting Adam and Denis. It will all be that much better when the rest of the shorebirds return.

  7. Aha I recognize these guys! We have curlews in Florida. That one looks like it might dislocate its jaw.