Sunday, February 6, 2011

What we do ...

...for a bird count!
This morning was the day for the mid-summer count for the Queensland Wader Study Group - so definitely not a day to be forgotten . When I woke it was overcast and had been raining. The radar on the Bureau of Meteorology showed a broken line of showers coming down from the north-east so it was doubtful that we could get a count done without getting wet. Oh well, in Queensland even the rain is warm!
The birds were very flighty and several flocks were wheeling around in the air before we got anywhere near the roost area. I wish I knew what was disturbing them. We counted a total of 189 birds of 7 species: Bar-tailed Godwits, Eastern Curlews, Whimbrels, Grey-tailed Tattlers, Common Greenshanks, Pacific Golden Plovers, and Masked Lapwings.
The only birds I got close enough to photograph were these Common Greenshanks and Pacific Golden Plovers and by this time it was raining again - although it was only light spits! However, as we paddled back to the cars on the other side of the creek it was getting quite heavy. Oh well, I was wet by now so what did a little more rain matter!
Common Greenshanks
Pacific Golden Plovers
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  1. I can see the plovers blending in with the grass if it was denser- the seeds (I think that's what they are) look like beaks.

  2. Hi Mike, yes those are seed heads on the grass. The birds do blend in very well - it's just now when their plumage is darkening into breeding plumage that they become easier to see.

  3. Hey what's a little warm rainwater Mick? Those Pacific Golden Plovers sure are cute!

  4. Hi Larry, the rain didn't hurt me at all - in fact it was rather pleasant with the temperature up where it was - but it was a bit difficult with the binoculars getting wet on the eyepieces and I had to be extra careful with the camera! btw that's why I made sure the camera was weather-sealed before I bought it!

  5. it sounds like a good birding day! Sorry about the rain though. I really like the Plovers! nice shots, Mick!

  6. Thanks JN - it's always interesting to do a bird count in that area but it can be really beautiful when the weather is nice.