Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I Did Try!

I wanted to try for some more photos of the shorebirds at Mullens on a good high tide. There were a few patches of bright blue sky so I though it was worth a try.
The wind was only light and I could wait for passing clouds to give me better light. However, I had no sooner kayaked into the end of the Mullens roost site than one of the rain squalls hit. It blew off my hat! It blew the kayak sideways into some mangroves! It drenched me in a very short time. My glasses were damp with rain. The binoculars were also. The small towel I keep in my pocket to wipe away the wet was just as soaked as I was.
I gave up and paddled back into a strong wind as far as the car park. At home three hours later the sky was blue - but the tide was half way out and there would be more dry sand than water.
I really would like some nice fine Queensland summer weather!


  1. Sound like you needed an under water camera on your trip out. I've often wondered if you use a waterproof camera or just keep it in a waterproof container when not in use.

  2. Hi John, I use a waterproof container so the camera does not come out at all in weather like this morning. The photos were taken when I got back to the car and had the shelter of the car to get the camera out. It would have been fun to have had a waterproof camera - the rain on the sea water was beautiful - thousands of little silver drops bouncing onto the surface of the sea.

  3. We can always hope sometimes. I'll leave home during a sunny spell in hopes of some good birding, only to get rained out at my destination. All part of the challenge I guess ;)

  4. Hi Bec, and I definitely got some very good exercise paddling against that wind!

  5. Ah OK now I know why I haven't ever heard of that bird...guess it would be a little bit of a long RV (caravan) trip from Florida ;>)...that's birder's Paradise there where you live. Thanks for sharing.