Thursday, September 2, 2010

Pelicans at Tin Can Bay

I went around to the Dolphin center at Tin Can Bay this morning to see if there were any pelicans there. All the birds seem to know that they will get a free feed if they are there at the right time so there are usually pelicans and cormorants around. However, there have been few pelicans recently. Maybe most are still inland where they are breeding and raising their young. The only pelican there this morning was a 'regular' that the staff have dubbed "Nigel". He doesn't mind having his photo taken.Or being part of any photo for that matter. (Looking up Snapper Creek.)If the action is too slow then he walks slowly right in among the tourists. Someone might have some food!This photo was taken looking south along the bay towards Crab Creek.


  1. Nigel looks as though he enjoys being the centre of attention. Great portrait.

  2. Hi John, I agree. I was amused that the staff had given the bird a name but when you see his 'personality' I think he deserves a name!