Thursday, October 15, 2009

Early Morning Coastal Views

According to this news story looking at nature not only makes you feel better but even makes you a nicer person. Well, I know the first is true and it would be nice if the second were also true - but who knows?
I traveled down to Nambucca Heads for my mother's funeral with my sister and it was quite a trip. We had a 4 hour wait on the highway only a short distance north of our destination as there was a car accident with - we heard - a double fatality. Like a lot of Australia's roads, the Pacific Highway leaves a lot to be desired! This stretch of the road is quite narrow and winding. Fortunately, there was room to turn out of the line of waiting traffic and go down the Hungry Head Road to Urunga where there were a few shops and cafes open to get drinks and food etc.
My sister had looked for a place to stay off the highway so we would have a quiet rest before the funeral the next day. What she had found was called the Sacred Mountain Retreat. All we could see of it as we arrived after dark was a narrow extremely steep road up the mountain. The unit where we stayed was well appointed and comfortable but I didn't sleep well. I woke well before daylight and watched the light slowly brighten. We were high up on the mountain and the views were stupendous! These are some of the photos I took as the light grew brighter and the sun rose. Such beautiful views to start the day! (Click to enlarge all photos.)
Looking East in the very early morning
South-east - In the distance on left of the photo is South-west Rocks, and Scott's Head closer on the center right
The unit where we stayed with trees immediately to the east hiding the rising sun
The brightening sky
The 300mm lens picking up the sunlight on buildings in Nambucca Heads and Scott's Head immediately behind
The same view with a wide angle lens
The coastline from Valla to Nambucca Heads
Northwards - not sure if that is Urunga or Repton.
The cemetery at Nambucca is beautiful enough to lift the spirits if anything could at a time like this! It is immediately above the ocean and all during the graveside service I could hear the sound of the waves. IMO Early town planners certainly had a good idea of what was appropriate.


  1. Hi Mick great views I like the name Hungry Head Road bet you weren't the only one to go in there on that day because of the accident.

  2. Hi Neil, I've no idea why it's called Hungry Head but it sure sounds good. The town seemed to be pretty well full of people wandering around and looking for food and drink then getting into their cars and going out to the highway again.

  3. A really beautiful set of shots of the morning sky through the trees.

  4. Thanks John, it was a beautiful start to a difficult day.