Thursday, June 4, 2009

Blue-faced Honeyeaters - and a Sea Eagle

I said in my last post that Blue-faced Honeyeaters were noisy and aggressive! Well here's the proof about aggressive! This photo was taken this morning at Inskip Point. I count six of them all annoying the Sea Eagle!
Click on the photo to see a larger view.

Some time later another Sea Eagle flew off over the sand flats and I photographed it soaring out there. From the underneath pattern on it's wings it looks like a juvenile to me.


  1. What a fabulous photo of the Blue-faced Honeyeaters annoying the Sea Eagle. It is always a fantastic site watching small birds mobbing a large one.

  2. Thanks John. It was great finding this right after my previous post!

  3. Hi Mick,
    What a great moment to see and photograph!
    Were they squeaking at the eagle the way Noisy M-s do?
    And juv. eagles just passing by :) This is fantastic!

  4. Hi Nickolay - I rather think I interrupted their fun when I got close to get good photos as they flew off after that. Usually they are so very noisy!

  5. Fantastic pics of the eagle.