Friday, June 5, 2009

Storms and June Flowers

Well, the two are really not connected! - except that both were obvious yesterday while going out to Inskip.
I stopped to look at the beach and the erosion that has been happening due to all the rough weather we have recently had. Many of the vehicle tracks down on to the beach are closed. This is one that used to be in constant use - but even to walk down is a scramble now. The truck in this photo had used a different beach access.
The erosion has not only cut back the sand banks but it has also washed down a lot of vegetation from the tops of the dunes. This is now littering the edges of the beach but will eventually be washed into the sea with the higher tides. I was taking a photo looking southwards to Rainbow Beach but also got part of a beach party in the photo. They MUST have been tourists from the northern hemisphere where it is MUCH colder than here. Who else would think it was warm enough to sun-bake in June - WINTER!
The road from Rainbow Beach out to Inskip Point is very low lying and much of the natural vegetation is Paper-barked Tea Tree (Melaleuca quinquenervia). Yesterday, many of these trees were in full flower and made a very pretty sight alongside the road. Paperbark (as it is commonly called) has a good honey flow and the birds and insects all enjoy the nectar.


  1. Hi Mick,
    As my wife is from Germany I had a chuckle about the comment that the sun bathers were possibly from Europe. I went to a lake in Germany and had a swim in late spring( theirs) last year. Sure enough the place was packed with swimmers. It was like diving into an icecube!
    Strangely enough my wife feels the cold here more than I do...she says its a "different" cold, wearing a jumper while I don a tee shirt.

  2. I guess its all what you get used to, David. I know what the locals are wearing at present - and can't remember too many of them out on the sand like that at present.