Thursday, March 12, 2009

Stormy Weather 2

I went over to Rainbow Beach this morning. The sea was very rough and the surf was dark with the sand that was being dragged off the beach. Cyclone Hamish is still making its presence felt!
Looking south toward Double Island Point.
Looking north toward Fraser Island.

When I went down close to the edge of the surf for a better look I saw this surfer
out on the waves. Not my idea of a good surf but he was enjoying himself.


  1. wow what dramatic pictures of the surf, hamish "has certainly left his mark" as you said!
    your last post was amazing to! thanks for bringing a little bit of 'aus' to britain

  2. Well at least we don't get hurricanes like that Mick! Hope it goes away fully soon.

  3. Hi Avalon and Tricia. I hope we can get back to normal weather asap. I want to get out on the kayak and see the shorebirds before they all take off for the northern hemisphere.