Monday, December 22, 2008


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I was about to post about what a lucky day yesterday was - I finally saw and photographed a male Red-winged Parrot. However, it has turned into two lucky days in a row!
Some weeks ago I photographed a female Red-winged Parrot but there was no male with her. Last night I heard the sound of parrots in my grevillia bushes and when I went to look it was a whole family of Red-winged Parrots. I got good close looks at the male this time and was very pleased to get some good photos also.
Male Red-winged Parrot - and like all parrots he is climbing in and around and over.
Juvenile Red-winged Parrot - the sounds of a juvenile demanding food are unmistakable.
Tonight I again heard parrots in the backyard and once again it sounded like juveniles demanding food from their parents. I could see green in the bushes but when I got close enough I realized that this time it was Australian King Parrots. They are green colored but with much more red on them. This time they were sitting up in my banana palms and moving in and out of the late afternoon shadows. There were a number of birds - I would guess again a family group but I only managed photos of the male and a juvenile.
Male Australian King Parrot.
Juvenile Australian King Parrot. The Juvenile is very similar to the female in colouring but the eye colour in
the juvenile is brown and in the female is yellow.


  1. You are so lucky to have parrots. They are so vibrant and I love their eyes and how they look into a person. Well done with these photos Mick.

  2. Lovely stuff, Mick. Great shot of the male King!

  3. Thanks N.M., Duncan, and Tony. It was great to finally see these birds in my garden.

  4. Stunning!!! What an amazing yard-bird!

  5. Wow - now that really has brought some colour into a very grey day here in the UK - thank you for some great pics!!

  6. How wonderful to see such exotic birds. Here is Wisconsin it is hard to believe anything other than snow and cold exists on the planet right now!

  7. I've never had a chance to see parrots in the wild before -- can't even imagine having them visiting in my backyard!

    Great photos and post, Mick!

  8. Very beautiful birds. Nice set of photos. :)))

  9. What a treat! Thanks for sharing, Mick!

    The hi-res version of the juv King Parrot is stunningly crisp and detailed. Absolutely gorgeous!