Sunday, December 28, 2008

Bad Weather - Beaut Birding...

...and after all, what enthusiastic birder would let a little thing like rain put them off looking for birds! In one direction the clouds looked rather threatening -
- and in the other direction the rain was falling.
However, we only had to run back to the kayaks once to quickly find rain proof cases and covers for cameras and other gear.
The birding was certainly worth it. There were the usual large numbers of Bar-tailed Godwits and Eastern Curlew, but we had come out especially to see what smaller birds were also there. We found quite a large flock of Great Knots. This was the first flock we had seen here this season but it is such a large site that it is certainly possible we had just missed them. There were also flocks of Greater Sand-Plovers, Lesser Sand-Plovers, Red-necked Stints and Red-capped Plovers. The birding books give all the fine details to distinguish Greater from Lesser Sand-Plovers, but the best way is to watch them side by side as we were able to do today.
A mixed flock of Great Knots, Lesser and Greater Sand-Plovers, and Bar-tailed Godwits
Counting a mixed flock like this is a special challenge. Today we were just looking.
Red-necked Stints and Red-capped Plovers are such tiny birds but let you get quite close
before they show signs of being disturbed.


  1. Looks like a fabulous outting with kayaking and thousands of birds to watch and feel as you explored the shoreline. Lots of fun.

  2. Thanks NM - it was very enjoyable even with the rain.

  3. Just like any dedicated birder, no rain can stop us from doing what we love to do. Way to go, Mick!

  4. Finding birds aplenty no more than you deserved for getting out in spite of the omens. Big black clouds up here today spooked me home. Rain never came - but it's building for the deluge soon.

    All the best for 2009!

  5. Thanks Tony, I must admit I went out in less than perfect conditions because I had friends come down especially to see the smaller waders presently at that site. However, I am very glad I did go! it was great!

  6. Love the long pan image. Wish the resolution was even higher :)