Tuesday, July 29, 2008

It isn't easy.

A bird's life isn't easy. A little over two weeks ago I was out walking along the bush track at Inskip Point when a bird flew across in front of me and then seemingly disappeared. When I followed around to the other side of the dead tree stump I saw the bird again. It was a Brush Wattlebird and well hidden in a hollow at the top of the stump but visible when it put its head up to look at me. It looked as if it might have a nest up there.

A week later I was out at Inskip again and saw the same bird in the same place. I hoped that if I kept watch over the next weeks I might eventually see young birds being fed up there. However, this week this is all that remained -

I have seen, and even more often hear, goannas in the brush beside the track. There are also lots of other big birds that apparently like to make a meal of small birds or eggs. A bird's life isn't easy!


  1. Makes you wonder how any nests survive with goannas on the prowl.

  2. Goannas have a nasty big appetite!

  3. Excellent photos and a great encounter - although not so great for the bird I guess.

  4. Thanks Mosura, I guess life isn't always perfect!