Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Birds in the Back Yard

Yesterday I visited relatives in Esk. Next door to their house is a vacant block of land and at the back of it a big Silky Oak tree.

In the time that I was there this tree provided cover for a lot of different birds but most of them were well out of sight in the upper branches of the tree. The little Striated Pardalotes (Pardalotus straitus) however called from high in the tree then came down and sat on branches only a few meters above my head. They seemed to examine me as closely as I was examining them.

Finally one of the pictures I took showed a bird with its mouth full of tiny pieces of what looked like grass.

Then, as I watched, the bird flew down below the retaining wall which was right at my feet – disappeared for a minute – then reappeared without the grass in its mouth and rapidly flew away. I went down below the retaining wall and discovered this knot hole and hole in the bank behind it. Pardalotes make their nest hole in a bank but this one is certainly more secure than most. It has fence wire in front of the retaining boards and then the hole in behind that.


  1. Wonderful photos! I especially like #3 & #4. That nest is like a high security flat for birds.

    Maybe I should go and bore some holes in our retaining wall :-)

  2. Thanks Mosura. Definitely high security! Smart birds I reckon.

  3. Those are beauties! I'm impressed with how round they appear.

  4. Thanks Mike. They are such tiny birds and so very inquisitive.

  5. Great little birds the Pards. Beaut post Mick, nice work.

  6. Thanks Goldiae and Duncan. It was worth running in and out all day and taking dozens of photos just to get a few good clear ones. The low light under the tree proved a challenge to my Canon S2 IS, but its sure making my photo taking skills improve.