Monday, May 14, 2018

Lake Macdonald

Well it is more than time to put up another post but I just can't get motivated unless I have a series of good photos that makes a coherent story. So it takes me awhile to get going again!!
Last week I had to visit the eye specialist I see on the Sunshine Coast but this time it was only for a series of tests and not any 'nasty' injections with the associated medications that alleviate the pain but make me almost blind for a few hours. The good friend who drives me down for the injections suggested we have a few hours doing what we wanted to around that area. It was lovely! She knows the area well and drove me through areas I had known many years ago so I could see how everything has  changed! It is now so 'built up' and I am not sure the changes are for the better. - so many people and so many cars!! Oh well - I guess it's called "progress!
The one beautiful highlight of the morning was a visit to Lake Macdonald and the Fearnley Bird Hide. Lake Macdonald is located in the Noosa hinterland and is part of the South east Queensland's drinking water supply.  The part we visited looks just as if the water filled up the lower parts of  valleys and is now perfect habitat for all birds that love water! Much of the water is covered with lots of water plants - and the birds make use of these to hide! The lists of birds that have been seen there are fantastic - but as ever! - we should have been there the other day!!
These photos were taken from close to the bird hide. There were lots of birds around but most of them were away on the other side.
Ducks? No - Eurasian Coot - but still beautiful in that water.

Closer to the car park this Forest Kingfisher was sitting in a paperbark tree.

Underneath the tree were a number of Comb crested Jacana walking on the the lily pads. It looked like a couple of adults and a number of juveniles but none of them were close enough for great photos. Very young birds walk around on the lily pads by themselves but occasionally you can see adults carrying some of their young ones tucked up under their wing. Their feet and legs hang down and it looks wonderful.  I saw good photos of these birds a number of years ago and it was one of the things that first 'sparked' my interest in bird photography.

For more photos from around the world visit Out World Tuesday.


  1. Looks like they were out enjoying the fine day.

  2. I really enjoyed viewing the wonderful water scenic views & great birds! On my bird photo blog (link found on my side bar), I shared a jacana I Texas!! It was beautiful & so different than your species. I LOVE BIRDING!

  3. My favourite is that kingfisher.

  4. Lake MacDonald is lovely. Beautiful photos of the birds too.

  5. What a lovely lake and great photos ~ sending lots of healing hugs for your eyes ~ Be well!

    Wishing you a Happy Week ahead,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  6. Hello Mick, so nice to see a post from you. The lake views are beautiful. Great variety of birds, I love the Kingfisher, Jacana and the Coot. Sending well wishes for you and your eyes. Have a happy day and week ahead.

  7. Such a lovely blue lake. It looks very calming there for all wildlife and people as well.

  8. Good morning my Lady ... always good to see you blogging! Lake McDonald is beautiful... and what a good idea to add some pleasure and beauty to a not-so-fun appointment (but I’m glad it wasn’t as bad as some of them have been). Enjoyed the beautiful scenic tour and of course all the birds. And by the way, in my book, someone who gets a perfect picture of a Kingfisher is not allowed to complain that the birding wasn’t as good as it could have been. That bird is my nemesis...we see them, but it will never hold still for a photo). Thanks for sharing yours!

  9. How wonderful...the young ones tucked up under the wing of the parent! Wonderful photos here, but I am so sorry about the eye injections. I can definitely relate, as I now have artificial lenses in both eyes. I wish you well.
    Your photos are beautiful, however!
    Thanks for sharing.
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  10. so beautiful. :) I miss Queensland, but if lucky, I might be back. My granddaughter will study marine biology Master class, I think, starting next year :)

  11. That looks like the best visit to the Eye Dr. ever recorded! (Glad it wasn't a nasty injection visit and that you and your friend had time to visit.) I'm in awe of the Kingfisher picture --- they will never hold still for me! And the Lake is quite lovely; hope you get to go back again on 'the right day' (although I've been a bit bird deprived lately, so your day and the number of sightings look pretty darn good to me!) It would really be wonderful though to see the baby birds tucked under the wings of that pretty (and new to me) bird!!