Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Gymea Lilies

I have posted about Gymea lilies some time ago but this has been an exceptional season which has had an impact on all growing things in my yard. My Gymea lilies were given to me some years ago as very small plants by a friend. I have a number of plants in different places around the yard but this year must have just suited the plants in the front yard. I don't know if it was the very warm winter or the lack of rain. All except one plant has flowered and this has been quite spectacular.  The first two plants to put up a flower stem were right in among the palms and the flowers became very high - I am guessing about 5 meters high.  I kept photographing these first two flowers but they did not become fully formed perfect flowers. I don't know if it was just too dry.

Then another plant started to flower and this flower was only a couple of meters tall and much easier to photograph.  It was interesting to see it gradually open up.

One of the other plants put up a flower stem right among the palms and the flower started to open before it got clear of he palm frond

Now I wonder if it was the lack of rain that damaged those first two flowers or if it was maybe those 'wicked' Blue-faced Honeyeaters?They are so aggressive and constantly pull apart the beautiful blue and white flowers on the strelitzia nicolia. They also made my poor little cat's life a misery if they ever caught her out in the open! She would crouch down under a plant and cry until the dog came and rescued her. The dog loved it! These were one of the few birds she was allowed to chase!! (These bird photos were taken a while ago.)

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  1. Its nice to see some familiar plants, is the last one a Grevillea by any chance?

  2. Such an interesting flower. Love the bird! Happy day to you!

  3. Hello Mick, the lilies are beautiful. Gorgeous plant. I also love your Blue-faced Honeyeater. It is a gorgeous bird. Enjoy your day and the week ahead!

  4. Such beaautiful lilies and goodnesss, how they grow. Rhere's always a balance between wanting see birdds in the garden and the damage they sometimes do. I guess the honeyeaters have a good reason for ripping those plants apart - perhaps nectar/food?

  5. Hard to believe that beautiful bird is so cruel to beautiful flowers and cats! Had to laugh about the dog! Our son allows his dog to chase Canada geese, but not herons and other water birds on their (nearby) pond.... and now the dog can tell the difference. (There are too many Canada geese and they make an awful mess. The dog never catches them, just scares them off of the greenway temporarly).

  6. 5m in hight? Amazing. Maybe that is the reason for them not to fully bloom.
    Love the Blue-faced Honeyeaters, Did see them several times bot not as close as I had wanted them too. They were very beautiful in flight :)
    By the way. My AU bird blog is finished. My group total was 334 species seen or heard on the trip to Queensland. I managed to shot and ID 234 of them :)

  7. Beautiful looking bird! Great photos!

  8. I've seen the occasional flowering plant a couple of metres high but nothing like those.