Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Autumn in Cooloola

The very early part of the day is always the best for me. I like to sit in front of my big window that faces out over my yard towards the north east and just watch as the day dawns and the sun slowly comes up. The other morning this is what it looked like. A few hours later all the cloud had blown away and we had another sunny dry day.
A few days later this is what it was like - but an equally nice day followed..
I had hoped to post on this blog more regularly but "things" happen unfortunately.
Start with a visit to my eye specialist! I am still grateful for his abilities - but that does not mean that I like the treatments!! Then I finally decided that I would not put up with the computer monitor I had been using so had to make a decision about what to replace it with. To finish everything off my Kindle "packed it in"!! I find it so much easier to be able to enlarge the print and to make it brighter that I am getting nearly all my new reading matter on that. When I went to order another one on Amazon a little message popped up saying they no longer shipped that out to Australia. 
OH well, I guess everything is relative - the worst news of the week came in with some birding promotional material in the mail. Eastern Curlews are now listed as Critically Endangered. I jumped in the car and drove around the waterfront to see what migratory shorebirds I could see but I am a bit late - they all seem to have left for the northern hemisphere. So now it is a matter of waiting for next spring and seeing what turns up
I also intend to go back over my photo archives and  show curlews and places I have seen them regularly over the years.
These were the only shorebirds I saw anywhere - and even these did not give me a look at their eyes - which are blue and the prettiest part of them I think. They are Little Black Cormorants and often sit up on these light poles. There have been attempts made to keep them off the poles but it looks to me as if the weather and maybe birds pecking at the bits have gradually taken off the extra bits on the poles.
There was also one bird down on the boat ramp that popped back into the water and swam for a few moments before it disappeared under the water.

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  1. wow ! What an awesome sun shot ~ I do think Autumn is the best time for photos ~

    Happy Week to you ~ ^_^

  2. Très jolies lumières ;-)
    Céline & Philippe

  3. That's incredibly sad about the Curlews! The last time I photographed them in Moreton Bay (a few years ago now), there were a lot!
    That's a lovely sunset sky!!

  4. great skies and images of the cormorant. I had the pleasure to see a few of them :)

  5. Great photos of the Little Black Cormorant. Beautiful shots of sky.

  6. Will have to take a lot more notice of the curlews when they come back.Great photos.

  7. That's a spectacular sunrise!
    There is a Kindle App if you have an android tablet. No idea what it's like though. Not too many Curlews reach Tasmania these days but there are a few spots where they still make an appearance.

  8. Mick, I'm loving your skies and birds. Early mornings are my favorite time of the day too.....

    Could one of your American friends buy your Kindle and mail it to you (I'm volunteering if you want to email me). I do nearly all my reading on my small Kindle too.