Saturday, November 5, 2011

Mullens Creek

This post is for Scenic Sunday.

Mullens Creek has not got a big flow of fresh water in it (unless there is heavy rainfall!). When the tide is out down at the bay the creek is nothing but a series of deep pools in between sandy stretches. These photos were taken the other morning at low tide from the boat ramp. This is looking east out to the bay. The sun was still not high in the sky and shows a bright patch at the top of the photo as well as the silver sparkles on the water.
This is looking upstream along one of the channels. There was a White-faced Heron on the closest sand bank and an egret further upstream.
The same view but at high tide. This was taken a few years ago with a little 'point and shoot' camera.


  1. That looks like such a beautiful area, great shots.

  2. I love the image of the clouds reflecting in the water. Water is never boring. I also looked through your last posts with the birds photographs - incredible!

  3. love the 'diamonds' on the water in the first shot. beautiful.

  4. A lovely spot to enjoy nature's beauty.
    Thank you for your comment on the rice field. Monday my other blog
    will have a more comprehensive post about the Wildlife Refuge.

  5. Hi Mick
    It looks very peaceful in the early morning.
    Presumably it can look different in other weather conditions, and higher tides.
    I love Mangroves, for some reason, even though they are close to being an "alien life form".