Saturday, November 12, 2011

Mullens Creek - Reflections

This post is for Scenic Sunday.

This is the same place I posted photos of last week but this time it was a high tide. There was no wind and the reflections were beautiful.
This view is taken from out on the bay and looking back to the picnic area and car park. There are picnic tables and barbeques under the shade of the trees.
With a high tide I could kayak right into some areas that are usually too shallow to get into. With the water high like this Grey-tailed Tattlers often roost on some of the Mangrove trees in this area.
Looking in the other direction the clouds and lighting made the colors in the water quite different.


  1. oh, that last photo just took my breath...

  2. I know I've said it before but I love your area. The mangroves look healthy and happy. You live in a great place. I like my desert a lot...but your area is absolutely breathtaking.

  3. What a tranquil place to be! Lovely.

  4. Stunning pictures of reflections!

    Love also your banner!