Sunday, April 24, 2011

Mullens in the Morning

Very early morning light makes the bay look beautiful even with the tide out.
The air is especially clear and even common birds look interesting. These pelicans were roosting well out across the flats and I could not get any closer to them. It's nice to see some of them around since many of them are still out west where there are still lots of wet areas.
These Crested Pigeons showed off their plumage colors much better against the sky than they do when they are foraging in the dirt at my house.
These White-breasted Woodswallows were still roosting all tucked up together on a branch. This is the way they prefer to roost rather than to have more room around them.
To finish off the bird photographs I had taken, this Sacred Kingfisher stayed just close enough for me to get it in focus.
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  1. Those all make me slobber uncontrollably .... dang!

    Would love to see Pelicans in the wild.

    Crested Pigeons? Never even heard of them, wow!
    Neither of white-breasted Woodswallows,.... or that gorgeous Kingfisher.... sigh :D

    Beautiful photos of these lovely fellows as well!

  2. Hi Nicole, I still have to remember that our "common" birds are quite uncommon in other parts of the world. On the other hand I wish I could see some of the "common" ones from your part of the world.

  3. i love those crested pidgeons!!! keep 'em coming! they're so neat looking!

    and those cute little woodswallows! like little fluffs all piled together.

    beautiful kingfisher!

  4. What a variety and great photos. I saw the Crested Pigeons in Sydney and the seemed to be very common :-)

  5. Great shots of the kingfisher and woodswallows, well done.

  6. Wow- those birds must not care about personal space! Love the Kingfisher.

  7. Thanks for commenting texwisgirl, dreamfalcon, Wampy, and Mike B. Yes, the Crested Pigeons are very common - I have been reading on the Birding-Aus forum this morning that some birders have been seeing flocks of 100+ Wish I could get closer to the Kingfisher! It's a bird I still don't have good close-up photos of :-(

  8. G'day Mick,
    Some nice 'captures' there and Mullins certainly looks at its best!

  9. Thanks Gouldiae, it's certainly a beaut place for an early morning walk.

  10. Such exotic birds compared to my backyard visitors! I love the photos of the Woodswallows!

  11. wonderful shots -- that kingfisher is especially cool!