Sunday, January 16, 2011

More Gray Days.

We've had several days of dry weather but unfortunately there are still lots of gray clouds around. When I walked out to the Mullens shorebird roost this morning and yesterday morning I saw lots of birds - but gray skies and gray/brown birds on gray/brown sand don't make for great photos.
There were lots of birds on the far side of the bay. The larger birds - Godwits and Curlews - were further down the bay where the water is deeper.
Many of the smaller birds were on a sand bank at the shallow end of the bay.
There were large numbers of Lesser Sand-Plovers in among the other birds. They were standing in the shallow water in front of the Bar-tailed Godwits.
They were also out on a sand bank with some Pacific Golden Plovers.
There was also a small flock of Great Knots.
There is still a lot of fresh water running into the bay from the recent heavy rains. This fresh water is stained with the vegetation it filters through and comes out colored dark orange/red. I am still trying to get a photo that shows all the tints of red as the water gets deeper out from the shoreline.
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  1. Hi Mick
    Nice bird photos, but that last shot is very dramatic.

  2. I'd love to see the different shades of red in the water. Must be quite beautiful.

  3. Lovely shots. The orange/red water must be really cool to see in person!

  4. Hi Denis, Gwendolen and Lana. Thanks for commenting and glad you liked the red color in the water.

  5. Hi Mick, And yes our Curlew is Numenius arquata, slighly different from your own, is that Numenius madagascariensis? So glad you haven't had the disasters of other parts of Aussie.

  6. I'm sure this weather is as hard on the wildlife as it is on the people, keep safe.

  7. Hi Phil, yes our Curlew is N. madagascariensis.
    Hi Martha, thanks for your comments and wishes about our weather.

  8. Hope there are some fine and sunny days on there way. Great photos.

  9. he coming season I hope to see more of the waders. I have so much to learn. But I will have to travel a lot. I hope you get your watershots.
    The muddy water can be very nice.

  10. I hope so too Neil.
    Hi NatureFootstep - there are so many waders around here that - for me - they are the easiest to learn. I hope you can see more of them this next season.

  11. Nice shots of all the waders Mick but I especially like the Golden and Lesser Sand Plovers.

  12. Cool to see the colour change in the water. Beautiful!
    And the shore birds are so plentiful, wow!