Monday, January 31, 2011

Grey-tailed Tattlers

It's very frustrating when there are thousands of shorebirds around right now and the weather is too bad to go out and see them. We've had only intermittent rain recently but the winds have been extremely strong. My kayak is 4 meters long and it's not easy to get it onto the car roof racks when there is a strong wind.
This morning was still gray and overcast but it wasn't raining! The wind had dropped overnight and the tide was high very early. It was definitely worth a try for at least a close roost site.
I kayaked around to the roost we call the Airport Roost but the wind was picking up by the time I got there and this roost is very exposed. There were 3 Common Greenshanks which took off before I could get anywhere near and a couple of Pied Oystercatchers on the far end of the sand spit. There had recently been many more birds roosting there as I could see bird foot prints all over the sand.
I turned around and paddled up Mullens Creek to see if I could find any of the Grey-tailed Tattlers which sometimes roost in this area. I found a small group of 5 birds roosting in open Grey Mangrove trees.
By this time the wind was getting stronger and it was quite a hard paddle to get back to where I had left the car. Here's hoping for some fine and still weather - Soon!
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  1. How unusual to see Tattlers in a tree! Do other shorebirds roost in trees too?

  2. Hi Mark, around here Grey-tailed Tattlers prefer tree roosts although I sometimes see them roosting on the sand. Terek Sandpipers also prefer tree roosts. Whimbrels are found almost entirely in tree roosts. Of course, this makes them all very hard to count.

  3. Fine shot of the Grey-tailed Tattler Mick! I really like the shot of the nest tree too. Very cool. I need to get a kayak!

  4. Thanks Larry, my kayak has certainly given me hours of fun (and exercise!) and lets me get closer to the birds than I could do any other way.

  5. Hi there - I am based down in Melbourne and am involved (but not as often as I would like) with banding waders.

    Thought your blog was really interesting - you may find mine worth a visit as well! (

    Hope you find time to drop by.


  6. The Tattlers are beautiful!
    Too bad about the weather.
    I don't get any decent shots here either (not that there's much to shoot).
    Stay safe out there!

  7. That's a great portrait of the tattler, Mick. I had no idea they roosted in trees.

  8. What fun! You got some nice bird shots here. I'm also hoping for better weather. Have not been turning on the bird cam much lately.

  9. Hi Stuart, Nicole, Snail, and Halycon. Thanks for commenting. I wonder what would happen if we all got the kind of weather we wanted? Chaos probably!! At least we are not in the track of any cyclone down here. Is it likely to get anywhere near you Snail? Hope not!

  10. Nah, wouldn't be a good idea, if everyone got what they wanted.
    I am perfectly fine with the weather the way it is right now.
    Even though it means crappier bird shots. No clouds means sunshine and it getting warmer,... blaeh!

  11. I love the shore birds and I envy you your lorikeets (in the post below). Thought I'd commented earlier but maybe not -- if this is a repeat, just delete it. Love your blog!!

  12. Thanks Sallie, nice to have folks commenting on the posts.