Sunday, January 3, 2010

Very High Tide

Yesterday was one of the highest tides of the year. However, according to the tide charts there will be one a little higher at the end of the month. That one will be well worth seeing too and since it is a little earlier in the day may even give an opportunity to kayak around to some bird roosts. High tide yesterday morning was about 10:30 and even a bit later at the head of the bay and by that time there was quite a lot of wind.
Down at Norman Point low lying land was totally covered.
The grass at Crab Creek was well covered.
The entrance to the boat ramp at Mullens was totally impassable.
Trees like this don't normally stand in sea water.
The strip of sand where we walk to the Mullens bird roost was gone.


  1. Have to join you at the end of the month by the looks of it we won't have to carry the kayak very far.

  2. Good idea Neil. It's in the planning diary.