Sunday, May 17, 2009


What a beautiful day! The tide was covering the sand flats. There was no wind so the reflections were nearly perfect. Best of all I had the bay to myself! (Most of the photos in this post are landscapes and clicking on them to bring up the larger versions gives a better view of the area.)
Even though most of the shorebirds have migrated there were still a few around - both juveniles that will migrate next year and locals that stay here all year. Bar-tailed Godwits were standing in the shallow water and Red-capped Plovers and Red-necked Stint were busily hunting for food across the exposed sand. The birds were reflected in the sea and each little puddle.
A Little Egret hunted fish in the shallow water and then flew off when I got closer.
Pied Oystercatchers let me get quite close before they too flew off.
Nothing is perfect! The mosquitoes were terrible and I hadn't put on enough insect repellent to keep them away!


  1. Some interesting shapes in the reflections. I like the way the roots stretch out accross the water like fingers. Like to share the temperature but you can keep the mossies Mick.

  2. Hi Frank, I am still trying to learn the names of the different mangrove species - which are the trees with the interesting roots. I have found that it is easier to identify them from the way the roots grow than from the leaves. Sometime I must do some posts about these mangroves - but still need to learn a bit more!

  3. Stay away from the mangroves, Mick, till you get plenty more mozzie spray.

  4. Yes, Tony, very sensible! BUT I needed to be reminded yesterday!

  5. Looks idyllic Mick - all that blue sky, sun and those wonderful reflections in the water. Would be great to have a little bit of that over here :)

    But the mossies must be a real nuisance and something that we don't have that much of over here - just in some places.

  6. Hi Tricia, I must admit that there are usually biting insects of some sort here. Right now its mosquitoes but usually its sandflies. The land around the bay is low lying with water lying in low places so ideal for insects. It's usually not bad in winter and of course in summer I am usually out on the water well away from insects. Still, its a small price to pay for a great environment.

  7. Such different, beautiful scenery, especially the mangrove plants. Looks idyllic from here (without the mosquitoes).
    Great shot of the Oystercatcher in flight.

  8. Thanks John. I've lived here about 6 years and I constantly think how lucky I am to be here!

  9. beautiful photograps of the creek.

  10. Hi Mick,
    I too have been spending some time on the tidal sandflats. Its a place of diversity and interest.
    The mangroves are a home for many interesting creatures also.
    Nice photography and write up as always.


  11. Hi Mick - pretty sure the mangrove with the buttrossed roots is a yellow mangrove (Ceriops tagal). Excellent photos.