Sunday, October 26, 2008

Garden Birds

This morning I have had numbers of Brown Honeyeaters visiting my garden. Up until now I have only seen single birds that didn't stay for more than a few minutes. We had a big storm late yesterday with some hail and very heavy rain and this morning everything is fresh and damp. Maybe this had something to do with the birds checking out all the flowers. So I have spent some time chasing some decent photos. These birds are so tiny and so very fast – and my camera is so slow to focus.
This is a good clear photo but the back view doesn't show much detail!
This one would be great but why have the head buried in the flower?
Finally a clear one although against the light.
My Christmas wish list includes a new camera and lens! One can always dream!


  1. If you see the lens you want at the right price, buy it quick. Plunging $A will make prices rocket.

  2. Nice one! That's a big flower - little wonder it's head is lost in there. The shot still looks good though.

  3. Thanks Tony, it sure would be nice!
    Thanks too Mosura, the bird is tiny and almost any garden flower rather dwarfs it. I tried for photos while the bird was on the grevillia but it just got lost in there.

  4. Best wishes for Christmas. There are lots of specials on offer right now. The traders are having a hard time moving stock.
    Nice post, still.

  5. Love the Brown Honeyeater's song Mick, we had them singing in the tree over our camp at Kalbarri years ago.

  6. Hi Duncan, and its such a loud song for such a tiny bird. A friend a couple of blocks away has one that sings in the tree outside her door so loudly that when she was on the phone to relations in England they heard it and commented on how nice it sounded.

  7. Hi Mick,
    You have a fantastic blog!
    I've dropped by several times before without saying "Hello" which wasn't very nice of me :)

    But now just read your Chrstmas wish and wanted to mention to you, that if you decide to go for a Canon DSLR the cheapest relatively good lens for birds is EF 70-300 IS. I've been using mine for over a year now and am quite happy with its sharpness and speed.

    Best regards and good luck!

  8. Hi Nickolay, thanks for commenting. Thanks especially for the info re the canon lens. You take fantastic photos and that is sure a great recommendation for the lens you use.