Monday, September 29, 2008


I usually see Pelicans wherever I kayak around the bay. (For the benefit of readers outside Australia this bird is the Australian Pelican - Pelicanus conspicillatus.) I find them fascinating - as I guess you can tell from the photo on the top of this blog. I also keep taking more photos of them. Here are a few:
Floating and swimming over the water they look so graceful.
Standing around on the sand banks they get into some most unusual poses. Their beaks look enormous however they are holding them.
They give a harsh grunt when they don't want to be disturbed – and the eyes look positively evil.
Even a pelican's neck needs scratching sometimes.
A juvenile bird grooming its feathers.

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  1. Fantastic birds! You got some great poses there. To date, I've never seen more than three at a time around here.

  2. Hi Mosura, I once saw 14 at once - and all swimming down the bay like a fleet of little ships.

  3. Great to see them up close. Guess kayak helps?
    One at a time is the usual Tyto quota, tho up to six on occasion.

    Last saw hundreds in the (even then drying) Coorong in 1999.

  4. Hi Tony - yes the kayak lets me get to a lot of places where there is no other access. It sure would be great to see those huge numbers you mention, although I guess it won't be on the Coorong.

  5. Wonderful comic poses, there. Loved the one flapping its beak up in the air. The neck scratcher is a great image too.
    There is always something interesting happening when Pelicans are around.
    My favourite visual memory if of a line of Pelicans flying low, underneath a foot bridge at Lakes Entrance, when I was a kid. They all managed to cruise under the bridge, just touching the water with their wing tips - but at full speed. Beautiful control.

  6. Hi Denis, You're right - there's always something interesting to photograph around pelicans. Great memory you have recounted of those pelicans flying under the bridge.

  7. Beautiful, expressive photos. I love watching our pelicans glide near the surface of the water. Kayaking on the bay and pelicans. Now that sounds like a wonderful day. Enjoyed my visit.

  8. Thanks for visiting Vickie. The bay is always beautiful and kayaking is the best way to see it.

  9. Birds of a feather Mick, I've got heaps of peli photos too. That stretching one is one in a million.

  10. Oh very good Duncan - good to know its not just me. When I first started photographing birds I worried that I seldom got them standing in "classic" poses - then I realized I got much more fun out of the ones that were a bit odd and different.